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Affirming Your Brand and Business Astrology | April

As we are moving into a new quarter, the energy of the universe is strong. As a business owner, affirming yourself and aligning your mindset and energy with your business is key to success. Our mindset is the doorway to reaching the full potential of your brand.

We'd like to introduce a new content series called The Alignment. It is content and resources that uses business astrology and mindset strategies to help you and your business reach its full potential. There is no better time than now to take action on sharing this with you than now in Aries season.

Do you feel like you’re in charge and making your own way? Let's deep dive into the energy of Aries season and how you can use it to amplify your business. Aries energy is the energy you need to take action, be self-directed, and initiate. We all have this drive somewhere in our natal chart and you need it to take action and be the best.

Aries is the leader, the guide, and the pioneer who wants to be first. We can all adapt this energy even if our Sun sign isn't in Aries. This is your season to activate the business you've been sitting on. It is optimum time to take action on all those ideas and dreams that you visioned in mystical Pisces season.

Aries energy is reassuring and affirming to you that as a business owner, YOU ARE A LEADER. You have the power within you to initiate and activate in your business. The sky feels magical in Aries season right now. And, there are some great things going on in the sky that brings us in total alignment. Here's how we can use all of this magic in our brands and business.

Mercury is in Aries from March 28th until April 11th. Mercury is all about communication. Let's talk about how we can apply the energy of Mercury to our business.

With Mercury being in Aries, we can have a direct, confident, and brave approach to our communications. It shows up by sending a rather direct and brave email to a client who is dragging their feet on submitting payment on a project you've delivered services on. You deserve to be compensated for the awesome work you have performed.

This is also an extraordinary time to break through the noise if you are in an overcrowded industry to let your unique brand voice be heard.

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I am sending you all fiery, brave, and confident Aries energy for your business.

If you want more or deeper insight into how to use astrology in your business through a natal chart reading, send me a message.

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