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How to Simplify Your Annual Business Plan

It is that time of year again. That time when we get really consumed and amped up about all of the new possibilities and goals. But, let's be a little self-aware and upfront with ourselves. How many times do our goals end up by the wayside by the second quarter?

All it takes is to a new product or for us to think of another goal and we tend to forget about the initial goals we had set for ourselves and our business. This is where we get into trouble when it comes to seeing our yearly business plan through.

In this post, we wanted to share how to design a yearly business plan for 2022 keeping all of your goals in mind but with a simplified approach.

Running a business and helping others manage their business, I've been able to look through a different lens and approach business planning differently. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is if you do not have a tailored and focused yearly business plan you can very easily spend your entire year spinning on a hamster wheel.

Let's begin here! There are numerous strategies and platforms to utilize in your business. I would like to suggest from my personal experience to keep your approach simple using these three strategies.

Do Not Focus on Numbers

We see this far too often with many business owners. All of your goals are numbers-driven. You want so many page views, so many followers, and subscribers. Everything is based on this magic number that we have all have been brainwashed to believe is a measure of success.

Numbers are fickle and totally out of your control. What you are very much in control of is producing quality content or service. As you plan your editorial content, social media strategy, and even product launch and sales goals, focus on quality. You should plan to write content with value, show up on social media with information that informs or inspires, and offer top-tier service.

You can have 7,000 people on your e-mail list and make just as much as someone that has a list of 300. The goal is to prioritize conversion. You always want an audience that is interested in what you are selling opposed to a large audience that has no intention of ever purchasing from you.

As you make your annual plans focus on consistent and quality content and services- not numbers.

Hyperfocus on Your Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important factors of a business. It is critical to analyze marketing strategies annually and quarterly. There are endless ways to market. A lot of emphasis these days is placed on digital marketing in particular social media marketing. As we know there are so many platforms. This year, however, we are hyper focusing on using only two. Yes, just two! You cannot make an impact if you are spreading yourself thin on all the social networks!

So, as part of my advice on yearly business planning, I want you to look at what platforms are bringing you the most traffic and/or sales. I'll tell you may just be surprised.

This year instead of showing up every day and everywhere put 115% effort into being highly presented and hyperfocused on those two. Utilize as many of the features on those platforms, engage, offer value, and market. That doesn’t mean you can't be present on the others. it just means honing in on the high-performing to get the best results.

Create a Daily Schedule

I implemented this routine in my own business plan and it was a total game-changer. I want you to set up certain days of the week for certain tasks. You can pick those depending on your own workflow. For example, Monday could be the day you designate for administrative tasks. Tuesday could be marketing. Wednesday research and inspiration or batching out content.

The goal is to have dedicated a day to get those tasks accomplished. Otherwise, you could easily spend way too much time on certain tasks and nothing else would ever get done. Give yourself several hours in one day to get as far ahead on those individual tasks.

Find Space to Learn

When I started doing Monthly Journals, I wanted to document my aspirations for business as well as the progress in my business. What I didn't realize in doing so, was that I gave myself the freedom to be a learner in my business. Friday is a half workday for me. I use the latter part of the day to learn something new, attend a webinar, or just soak up inspiration on an artist's date.

I want to suggest you do the same as you make plans for your business this year. Not only will it fuel your creativity but you will learn new trends in your industry or be able to offer your clients.


Are you struggling to come up with a plan to reach your goals? Or are you not even sure what you should be tackling first in your business?

Schedule a brand consultation and get a complete assessment of your business and a blueprint for your goals.

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