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January 2022 | Andrea Fenise Monthly Journal

I have always been very curious about the inner working of major brands. I think that’s why I am so fascinated and obsessed with fashion house documentaries like Dries, Dior, and The First Mondays at the Met. Opportunities to go behind the scenes to witness planning, how an industry really works, and seeing projects from conception to completion is a priceless hands on learning experience.

I would love to be able to share that with you all. Therefore, here’s an official welcome to our monthly Studio Journal. This will be a space for us to give you more details about current projects, let you know how our month is going and what we’re currently working on! You will also hear from me, Andrea, creative director, more intimately and our team & get to know our superstars better.

This week, we’ll share our current projects, future plans and to do’s and how we focus on multidisciplinary balance and creative inspiration.

What projects are you currently working on?

I really cannot believe that we are in 2022. WOW! 2021 was a year to remember for us here at Andrea Fenise Creative. We moved into a physical office in the last quarter. This big move is currently setting the tone for all of our upcoming projects and to dos.

  • This month, we have two clients currently in our que. One of those is a politician who we are working with comprehensively on web design and branding. We have launched the landing page but in the next couple of weeks need to design the full site. The site will have many elements and pages to help inform viewers of her platform but also create brand recognition long after the campaign. Our other client is a nonprofit organization. We get really excited to work with people and organizations that are leading with purpose. Our work with them is fully comprehensive as we are consulting, designing all of the brand elements, web design, and social media management.

  • Right now, we’re currently preparing to onboard a client for public relations and marketing campaigns for 2022. We have a call scheduled to work through needs and strategy this week. We are really excited because this will allow us to use our skillset in PR. And, we get to bring on a new superstar to work with us.

What are some of your to-do’s for the upcoming month?

  • This task is pretty high on the priority list but I need to flesh out the signature package details for 2022. I am adding in new services and ways to work with the studio moving forward. One of the details that needs to be planned and confirmed is "testing" it out with a focus group.

  • I had this cool idea for social media content to host a weekly live series called Work With Me Wednesdays. I invite you all into the studio every Wednesday and share what I am working on, open up for Q&A, and also discuss a topic pertaining to branding, web design, entrepreneurship, and personal development. I need to design graphics and all of the moving parts of the series.

  • Seeing that I will be adding on to the team, I need to finish our job application and hiring process this month. Hiring is kind of nerve wrecking for me. This will be the first team that I bring on full time staff to work with me day in and day out. So, I am making sure I think twice and know exactly what I need and expect so that I can create a really cool work culture.

  • Lastly, decor! The studio space continues to evolve. When we moved in, I made sure the space was presentable to visitors. But, I have a certain aesthetic and mood I desire to create. January I need to finish or at least get to a good place with decor.

What are your personal development and creative goals for the month?

I feel the energy of 2022 is exuding balance and making space for creativity to stay inspired. Keeping my eyes and heart open for inspiration feeds into my work. If I nurture my creativity, I can add interesting approaches to design. This month, i plan to leave a few hours every Friday open to get out into my city or travel to stimulate my senses.

Personal development is of great importance this month. Our holistic approach and culture here at Andrea Fenise Creative prioritizes working on both the inner person as well as the brand. Carving out time to improve skillsets or equip yourself with new tools should always be considered as an entrepreneur. So, this month, my goal is to continue on my language learning journey both personally and professionally. I hope to add in monthly workshops to help other business owners learn Spanish for business in the next couple of months.


I hope you enjoyed getting a little closer into how I work and what I’m working on. Let me know if you like to hear more or have suggestions for us to be better engaged in this journal process.

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