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Welcome to Andrea Fenise Creative Studio

Hi I’m Andrea Fenise, the woman behind Andrea Fenise Creative Studio. I have a passion for design, wellness, and entrepreneurship. And, I take a holistic approach to everything I do. I have always believed that a business or brand is an extension of the person operating it. This philosophy has birthed how I serve my clients and my community here at Andrea Fenise Creative Studio.

I have decided to step out on faith and commit to serving more creative entrepreneurs through my creative agency. I truly believe that business is my soul's purpose. It’s been a month since I got the keys to my office. And, I am still floating on a cloud.

This week will be a turning point for the business. As we open the agency to take on new amazing clients in a whole other way than before. I have dedicated everything I have to ensure this is an incredible experience and that they are truly ready to lead their business with purpose and intent by working with us.

Moving forward, we will offer creative business solutions that have meaning and help to leverage you and your brand. But here is where our magic lies at Andrea Fenise Creative Studio. We believe that you have something to offer that no one else has. As a holistic creative studio, we want to see you and your brand grow, so that you can live your passion and find long-term success in business.

The most successful brands have a clear understanding of who they are, what they do, and how they do it and the person behind the brand is in full alignment with that as well. With a solid brand strategy you will make a lasting impact and keep people coming back for more. Our approach gives you the tools to share a deeply rooted and meaningful brand story that is anchored in a deep understanding of your identity and how you can best serve others.

Great brands have meaning and purpose therefore make an impact!

Let's commence illuminating more brands and connect with your brands vision.

Browse around the new website and begin your journey with us.

Welcome to my our new Creative Studio!⁣

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