A holistic creative studio for brands that lead with purpose and intent 


Creating aligned and Illuminated brands by connecting deeply to your vision 

Guided by this philosophy, the studio unites storytellers, holistic brand practitioners, strategists, and passionate creators who share a zeal for the unique, multifaceted process of building a lifestyle brand.

We are a creative studio based in Memphis, TN that is passionate about visualizing your brand’s highest self through brand and web design and brand development for purpose-led businesses. 

Together, we combine our industry experiences working with some of the most innovative collaborators and businesses to build something truly special for you.

We layer branding, personal development, and a holistic approach to strategy to create a unique brand experience  

For us, the epitome of a lifestyle brand is its ability to inspire and motivate people in all areas of their life. Our ultimate goal is to see your brand be led by purpose.

Design that's thoughtful and intentional 


Creative solutions for visionary business owners 

Our studio approach is to create brands that have depth and purpose.  Our creative solutions are thoughtful and intentional.  It is our mission to enhance your client's experience with layers of intricate brand elements that help you stand apart. 


"I needed a joy sanctuary for women and mothers to share their stories and she obliged. If you need someone with incredible patience to design a site for you, definitely reach out to Andrea Fenise! It was absolutely a labor of love - and I’m so grateful that she has been along for the ride.